Intro to #FBKRapidFire

Intro to #FBKRapidFire

It’s a brand new challenge for your brand new set of goals, if you’ve been searching for your new start, you’re in the right place! We named this challenge #FBKRapidFire for a reason, it’s seriously going to bring the heat. So, if you’re ready to leave the you who “couldn’t do it” in the past, let’s get started!


Did you bring your fire extinguisher? Good, you’ll need it. In this challenge, we’re not going to be afraid to leave you a little sore after you’re done with these workouts. Here’s what we’ve got you up against - meet IRM hypertrophy.

IRM hypertrophy calls for shorter rest periods in between exercises, making your workout sessions in this challenge shorter overall. This is REALLY going to work you and teach your body to be able to work through fatigue and ultimately recover quicker. And that’s just weeks 1-3! 

In weeks 4-6, we’re going to up the ante by adding metabolic training in with IRM hypertrophy. This will add more volume to your workouts. 

Finally, in weeks 7 and 8 we’re going to cool it down. Your body will be tired and in need of some serious TLC after the 6 weeks of rigorous training, you’ll have completed by this point in the challenge. These two final weeks are going to help your body deload stress and inflammation. 


Weekly Workouts

Every Sunday at 12:01a EST the workouts for the coming week will go live in the app! Make sure that you are focusing on your form and reading the descriptions for each movement if you haven’t done it before. As always, but especially in this challenge, make sure you’re really adhering to the appropriate rest time in between sessions in order to really perfect IRM hypertrophy. Lastly, you should be tracking your sets, reps, and weights in order to track your progress over time. 


Tip: eating fewer macros than you’re prescribed is not the right move with this program. 

If your macros seem carb-heavy for this challenge, eat the damn noodles. We really want to emphasize having enough energy to make it through this challenge. You’re going to want to hit your macros as closely as you possibly can to ensure you have the energy and stamina to make it through these 8 weeks and finish strong. It is always important to ensure you’re fueling your body, but especially when you are completing intensive strength training.