One Hour Closer Challenge


Go after your goals in the gym or at home by joining an FBK Challenge, an 8-week intensive program that’ll push you to your limits and build your strength.

For #FBKOneHourCloser, we’re bringing you a Metabolic Resistance Training program. This style can quickly change your body’s composition at both a muscular and systemic level, leading to better performance, better progress, and better stamina for future training.

This style is high intensity with higher reps of structural, compound movements and relatively low rest times in between sets. This requires your muscles to spend more time under tension and makes for longer training sessions that are packed with progress. You’re going to have to push yourself!

With our in-app workout videos, custom macro calculations, and weight & rep tracking feature, these training styles are perfect for both beginners and seasoned gym pros. Stay motivated and on track with help from a dedicated coach, or opt for the uncoached challenge, perfect for self-starters.

#FBKSummerSessions Challenge starts Sunday, August 21.

Real women. Real results.

Join tough women just like you who have really transformed their lives and reached their goals through 8 weeks of discipline, strength-building workouts, and a lot of sweat!

what you’ll get

  • An 8-week proprietary strength-training program for your entire body, customized to hit your goals.

  • Once-weekly check-ins and personalized adjustments from your FBK Coach (for Coached Challenge only).

  • 2 full plans, one with all at-home exercises and one for the gym. Switch between them as needed!

  • Eligibility to win prizes including $2000 cash for our top transformation!

  • A private video library with form descriptions that corresponds directly to your workout.

  • A free FIT by Katy t-shirt!

  • Access to a private forum where you can get help, support, and motivation from other challengers.

  • An exclusive handbook with tips and tricks to make the most of your fitness journey.

Coached vs. Uncoached

Looking for a little extra motivation and support? Partner up with a coach hand-selected by Katy. Get weekly check-ins and personalized macro and cardio adjustments, plus access to a private Facebook Group full of like-minded women going after their goals.

Prefer to do it on your own? We’ve got you. Our uncoached challenge still comes with all the good stuff, like both of the home & gym plans, Facebook Group access, and more.

Due to the overwhelming volume of interest in the Coached Challenge, spots are limited and typically sell out quickly.

Train with the best

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“I have so much energy, I’m gaining muscle, I can actually push myself in the gym, and I HIT MY GOAL WEIGHT👏🏼 😭⁠⁠ Last summer I was at my heaviest and I was so upset because I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes, but I bought this bikini knowing damn well it wouldn’t fit BUT I told myself it would be my goal to fit into this bikini and feel confident and beautiful in it. And I DID THAT👏🏼⁠⁠
⁠⁠I’m so proud of myself for this transformation. “

Brandee F.

Push hard. Win big.

  • One First Place
  • One second Place
  • Five Runner-ups

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