You’ve signed up for the Happy New You Challenge (good job, btw) and now you’re wondering what to do between now and the start date, January 8th. Lucky for you, we broke down a couple of options for you.


At only 4 weeks long, this might be the perfect bridge for you between now and the first week of the New Year. This will be the option for you if you want to make real progress, and you think you can stick to macros goals throughout the holiday season! Here’s what you can expect.

  • Five Training Sessions: You’ll be strength training 5 days every week. These are the workouts in your FBK app, found in the “Work Out” tab. Make sure to allow for around 45–60 minutes for each of these sessions.
  • Four Cardio Sessions: In addition to your five strength-training sessions, you’re also going to complete four 15-minute cardio sessions each week. Two will be Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) and two will be High Intensity Interval Training.

If you decide to go for Busy Body, you’ll get all the info you need after you sign up!

You can get Busy Body by clicking this link! 


Not ready for an intensive program? That’s where our workout generator comes in! You can make a completely customizable schedule just for you by using our workout generator. You just choose if you want a home or gym workout, which body part you want to target and voila, a custom generated workout for you in seconds.

Here’s a split that should be easy to follow over the holidays if you’d like to try. Works for home or gym.

You can join a basic subscription for just $4.99/month! Click here to get started. 

Week 1

DAY 1: Legs with Quads
DAY 2: Chest with Triceps
DAY 3: Back with Biceps
Optional: add an Abs workout onto one of your days

Week 2

DAY 1: Legs with Glutes & Hamstrings
DAY 2: Arms
DAY 3: Chest with Shoulders
Optional: add an Abs workout onto one of your days

Week 3

DAY 1: Legs with Quads
DAY 2: Back with Triceps
DAY 3: Chest
Optional: add an Abs workout onto one of your days

Week 4

DAY 1: Legs with Glutes & Hamstrings
DAY 2: Chest with Biceps
DAY 3: Back with Shoulders
Optional: add an Abs workout onto one of your days


This option is FREE! Everyone who downloads the FIT by Katy app gets this two week full body program at no cost. It’s a great way to stay on track before the new year if you’re not looking to spend any extra $$$ during this time.

You’ll follow a 3 days per week full body split plan, meaning every day you workout you'll hit every major muscle group in your body – getting you a great, fast, free workout in every week!

Just download the FIT by Katy app to get started.


Not in the mood to do much and just want to wait until the New Year to get ‘back on track’? We get it. We really do. While it’s not what we recommend, we know that plenty of us get into a holiday season slump and that’s totally fine. Here are some things you can do to stay active if you’re more on this path.

  • Get a walk in! Inside or out, it doesn’t matter. Grab your partner, your dog, or your best friend and just move. Even if it’s 15 minutes, you’ll feel better all day!
  • After meals, make sure you’re up and moving. You’d be surprised by what just a couple of minutes of movement after you eat can do for your mind and body! Easiest thing to do? Walk up and down a flight of stairs a couple of times. Done!
  • Traveling in a car or plane a lot this season? Before you sit down for your flight, or car ride, do a 5-10 minute mini-movement routine. Literally just do some jumping jacks, a couple of burpees, 25 squats and 10 push ups and you’re ready to go.
  • Feeling some stress right now? Us too. Incorporating some slow yoga movement into your day could be just the thing you need. Simply YouTube a morning or evening yoga flow and follow along. 
  • Challenge yourself, but make it easy. Make a goal of squats and pushups you want to do every day. You can do them in increments of 10, or in increments of 1 throughout the day! A good place to start would be 25 squats and 10 pushups. 
  • Make it fun. Make an agreement with your partner, or sibling, that every time your mom cries, or your dad falls asleep, or your uncle makes an awkward joke…you do 10 pushups. Who said workouts can’t be fun?