What to Expect from #FBKOneHourCloser

What to Expect from #FBKOneHourCloser


Buckle in, besties, because we’re putting the “work” in working out during this challenge. For this challenge, the programming style is Metabolic Training. That means that the training sessions will be high intensity with higher reps of structural, compound movements and relatively low rest times in between sets. This requires your muscles to spend more time under tension, ultimately resulting in you feeling more anaerobically challenged, meaning you’ll have to push yourself harder during these sessions. 

If you’re continuing on from #FBKSummerSessions, then this style of training is the perfect way to deload from the heavy lifts, lower reps style. #FBKOneHourCloser will call for a higher amount of reps and lower rest, which means more time under tension, so you may need to decrease the weight that you’re lifting during this challenge. With the higher reps of this challenge, you won't be lifting as heavy of weights as you did in Summer Sessions. Pick a weight that still feels challenging in the first rep, but allows you to confidently finish all of your reps while maintaining your form. This is especially true due to the fact that the rest times are shorter during this challenge, so you won’t have as much time to recover from lifting heavier weights. 


Every Sunday, your week’s training sessions will unlock in the app. You can do them on your own schedule, either at home or in the gym, but your goal should be to complete all five workouts with two rest days a week.


Bagels, bagels, bagels. 

No, but for real, a low-carb diet will not do you any justice during this challenge. Due to the high-intensity nature of the programming, your body will be using carbs as energy as opposed to storing excess carbs for fat. Metabolic training also increases the ability of the body to utilize carbs as fuel. This is not the time to drastically cut carbs! Your body is burning so many more calories during and after your workout, carbs are what will keep you feeling energized and ready for the next set. During these workouts, if you don’t have enough carbs fueling your body, you’re going to feel like you’re running on E. So, with that being said, get your carbs in now and thank us later!

As always, it’s also extremely important to hit your fat and protein goals as well for recovery and sustainability. We’ll be releasing a grocery list so that you can grocery shop for the challenge. In the meantime, check out one of our previous grocery lists to get an idea of what types of foods you should be buying to meal prep for this challenge! 


First thing’s first, vibe-check yourself. Do you believe in yourself, are you ready to make this change? If the answer isn’t yes, let’s work on hyping you up! It’s okay to have cold feet and be nervous going into something new. Everyone starts somewhere. The kicker is, most people forget about how far they’ve come and where they started. You’ll be there in no time. 

When you’re feeling down, you can always turn to the FIT Fam. If you’re participating in the challenge, make sure you check your email for an invite to the official #FBKOneHourCloser Facebook Group. If you can’t find it, email us at support@fitbykaty.com and we’ll get you all set up. 

For many of our challengers, their first challenge is the first step to their new lifestyle. We’ve given thousands of women the tools to become a version of themselves that makes them feel confident. We can’t wait to help you do the same!