The FIT by Katy app was designed to give you everything you need so that you can work towards achieving your goals and creating the balanced lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of. We’ve helped thousands of women experience some pretty drastic transformations over the years, so we decided it was time that we work towards a transformation of our own. 

We’ve added a ton of new features to the app (with even more updates rolling out throughout 2022!) and we’re so excited to celebrate our glow up with you! We’ll be updating this post over time as more features are released.  


We’ve made tons of small tweaks to make the main reason you use FBK a lot more user-friendly. One of the key things you’ll notice is that the workouts section home screen will remember where you were last (either in a program, or day of a challenge) so you can quickly get started on your next workout, never skipping a beat. 

We’ve also added 100+ new exercises and will be adding even more in 2022. It’s safe to say that these new exercises are going to make our programs even more challenging. 

Navigate to your workouts for the day by either using the "Up Next" functionality on the Today Screen, or go to the Work Out Screen and navigate either to your "Programs" or "My Workouts" to start a challenge or program. You'll also find the Workout Generator here as well. 


Tracking your journey is key for success. Now, you can check-in every day, any time. If you’re doing a coached challenge, your coach will still respond to your check-in once a week, but all #FBKFitFam members can now keep a log of check-ins if you choose to do so!

Think of check ins as your new fitness diary. We’re excited for all of you to use this feature so you can use it as a tool to measure consistency throughout your journey. We’ve always said that consistency is key for success, so now we’re giving you this feature so you can really reflect on the lifestyle changes you’ve made and realize how far you’ve truly come!

The main middle button in the bottom navigation is where you can check in every day. You will also be able to see your previous check ins here, once you start your log. Interested in seeing all of your previous check ins, not just the most recent one? Head to the Progress Screen in the bottom navigation for more. 


We’re bringing more consistency to the coaching process! Now that you can check-in daily, your coach will have a designated review and response day each week. This day will ALWAYS be the day you hear back from your coach. Be sure to submit any final details to your check-in the day before your assigned coach review day. Plus, your coach’s responses will be available for you to review, even after the challenge ends!

You shouldn't need to worry too much about what day your Coach Response Day is, but if you're interested you will receive a push notification (make sure your settings are appropriately activated to receive these!) with your Coach Response Day after your first check in of each challenge. Your coach will also make sure to tell you the day in their first response back to you so no worries if you don't get the push! 

Questions about coached checkins? Find more answers here!


Within the private challenge forum, you’ll now have the ability to filter to only see your own posts, you can edit or delete your own posts, forum posts now allow one (up to 10 second) video or up to three photos, and users will be notified via push notification if someone replies to their post.

To find the challenge forum, navigate to your Today Screen and at the top of the screen you should see a horizontal navigation and one of the tiles will say "Challenge Forum" click on that to get started. 

In this area, you'll also be able to "Meet Your Coach" and "Unlock Health". Click on both of those areas to get acquainted with your coach and/or connect Apple Health or Google Health applications. 

One of the reasons FBK is so powerful is because of our community, so we’re excited to bring our challenge participants a much more enjoyable experience in the private forum. 


With all of these new features, it’s safe to say that this challenge is going to be one for the books and we’re so glad that you’ve chosen to get started on your goals for 2022 with us! Ready to get started? Head to the FBK app and discover all of our new features!