Realistic Healthy through the Holidays

Realistic Healthy through the Holidays

Trying to stay healthy through the holidays?

Let’s go into this season with a positive mindset and remind yourself of all the healthy habits you’ve formed! Finding balance during the holidays will help you feel good from the inside out. Here are our best tips to stay on track while still enjoying yourself.

Still Incorporate Movement in Your Day

Set time aside to get movement in even if you don’t have time for a full workout. This isn’t all or nothing! Go for a walk around the block, take out your at home equipment, or simply get a stretching session in! Carving time out during this season to move your body will help you keep your momentum going and also avoid the winter blues.

Balanced Meals are Best

Our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs, so take one serving at a time during holiday meals. You can always go back for more, but the last thing you want is to be stuffed like a turkey and uncomfortable! Prioritize protein, and then take a portion of carbs + fats. Try to make your plate as colorful as possible with fruits and veggies, too!

Enjoy Every Bite

If you see a huge holiday spread, it can feel overwhelming, but remember–eat what you love! Treat yourself to Aunt Sandy’s pecan pie if it’s your favorite. If you don’t love the pumpkin pie, skip it–you don’t want to indulge just for the sake of indulging. Be mindful about your choices and understand that this season only comes around once a year–enjoy each bite and listen to your body. You should feel satisfied and happy after your meal, not stuffed and miserable.

Hit Your Water Goal

With all the yummy food we’ll be eating, it’s more important than ever to keep up with your water intake! You may notice some extra bloating or GI discomfort from eating foods higher in fats and sodium. To help with water retention, drink a gallon of water a day.

Sleep is Elite

Prioritize your sleep, especially if you travel for the holidays! Holidays can bring out late nights if you are spending them with friends and family you haven’t seen in awhile, but try your best to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Your body will get what it needs to thrive, and you’ll have energy for festivities (plus, you’ll be in a better mood)!

Regulate Stress Levels

Social events, family gatherings, and decreases in temperature can all lead to stress related responses. Make sure to spend 10-15 minutes a day on yourself to reduce these feelings. Go for a walk, journal, listen to a podcast, do a puzzle, read, or take a warm bath to prioritize self care even when you’re busy. Your kids and family will thank you.

Take it Day by Day

A lot of the stress around the holiday season being “bad” for your fitness goals comes from the mindset of completely taking time off from your normal routine, and then trying to get things back in gear when the new year starts. You can feel like you over-indulged, and then push yourself too hard trying to overcompensate–and the cycle continues. Our best advice is take it day by day, and do what you can each day to be a happier, healthier you.

We preach balance year-round, and following these tips to avoid the all-or-nothing mentality throughout the holiday season will ensure you stay focused on your goals while still enjoying time with friends and family. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t fit in all your workouts and hit all your macros, but practicing your healthy habits will make sure you don’t lose sight of your goals!

The FBK fam is always here to help and we wish you a happy holiday season!