This 8-week challenge will be like nothing you’ve seen from us before!

We listened to our FIT Fam, and took their long-time favorite (Fall 2020) as inspiration, and sprinkled in everything they loved from Happy New you to bring a completely new community-inspired challenge: #FBKLevelUp! 

Not only will this program have tons of new features, but we blended both hypertrophy and metabolic style training to give you the results you’re looking for, with a programming style you love.

The #FBKLevelUp Challenge is on sale Sunday, March 5th through Saturday, March 18th. We’ll start Sunday, March 19th! You can enroll by downloading the FIT by Katy app and clicking “Join the Challenge” on the Today Screen. 

Here are just a few ways we’re leveling this challenge up:

  • Custom programming like you’ve never seen from us before 
  • Advanced set techniques like clusters, drops and *new* circuits 
  • We incorporated community feedback every step of the way 
  • New MacrosFirst partnership and perks exclusively for our FIT Fam
  • FBK meal guide, with every recipe preloaded into MacrosFirst
  • Completely reimagined check in experience 
  • Our coaching team, and the MacrosFirst team, will be in the Facebook Group to answer questions real-time
  • A referral program that works for everyone (give $20, get $20!) 


8-weeks of professionally programmed strength sessions

  • 5 days per week ready to go for you, including warm ups
  • 3 days of 20 minute cardio sessions
  • Entire challenge blends hypertrophy and metabolic styles seamlessly

Both a home and a gym version for the price of one

  • Video + description accompanies every single movement
  • Track your weight and reps for every movement to see progress over time
  • Automatically logs your session in your check in when marked complete 

Optional 1:1 virtual coaching with certified trainers and nutritionists

  • Even if you don’t get a coach, you can still use the check in functionality in the app to better hold yourself accountable

A brand new meal guide made in partnership with our very own Registered Dietitian, Coach Tonilynn

  • FIT by Katy ‘hacks’ to help keep you on track 
  • Macro education
  • Sample weekly meal guide
  • 30 delicious recipes created with macros in mind
  • Grocery lists and meal prepping tips

100+ paged handbook jam-packed with everything you need to succeed

  • Details about cardio, training styles, splits, tips and tricks from challenge winners, rest and recovery advice, and more

Access to the FIT Fam community group

  • The secret sauce: these women will be an incredible resource for you (and this time our coaches, Macros First and FBK teams are in there too!)


You will view your weekly workouts in the app under “home” or “gym” version, whichever you pick for that day! You’ll see that the current and previous weeks are available, but the weeks ahead are locked. Each Sunday at 12:01 am EST, you will see the upcoming week unlock and that is when you can view the workouts.

There will be 5 workout sessions each week and a recommended two rest days. Make sure to take those rest days as they are essential to your progress and recovery!


This program is a great blend of both hypertrophy and metabolic style training. You'll receive benefits from a cardiovascular standpoint alongside building lean muscle. The circuits at the end of each week add a Fall 2020 element of metabolic training to take you a notch above typical supersets. We’re bringing back Katy Hearn fan favorites like the “OG Squat Triple” and many of her other favorite programming tricks along the way!

We’re also keeping cluster, drop and tri sets in this challenge since there was such good feedback on those from the Happy New You Challenge! We did make some improvements though, in the spirit of being community-inspired, we made sure that all super and tri-sets are more achievable in a gym setting – you shouldn’t have to run across the gym to different machines in this programming. 

Hypertrophy Style Training

Hypertrophy means increasing muscle tissue cell size. It is a type of training that allows muscle cell size to increase as a result of sets of 3-6 with reps ranging from 6-12.

You’ll find shorter rest periods in hypertrophy training because this allows the muscle to be fully fatigued without complete recovery in between sets. Shorter rest periods are also what is going to give you that nice “pump.” Protein intake is important with hypertrophy training because protein holds reparative properties that will help us maximize recovery from training which will help stabilize your lean muscle gain. 

We’re going to be overworking your muscles which will cause more microfiber tears which will in turn grow the muscle fibers with proper recovery. Another way to increase the hypertrophic impact of this program is taking your time and moving slowly through the eccentric portion of your movements. Make sure to focus on your mind to muscle connection as well. 

You’ll want to train at around 70 to 80% intensity, or 70-80% of your 1 rep max. This can look like pushing yourself with weights that thoroughly challenge you, but not training until complete failure. You should be able to complete all reps in the set, but the last few reps should be very challenging to complete. You should feel like you NEED rest after each set!

In hypertrophic training it is important to train both compound lifts and isolation lifts. Compound lifts are going to recruit multiple muscle groups, which allows for us to physically move more weight. These will be movements like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, etc. Movements where multiple muscles are involved. Whereas training isolation movements is going to help isolate those smaller muscle groups and really fatigue those muscles. These can look like bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises, Y raises, calf raises, etc.

Hypertrophy training is absolutely a strategic tool in weight loss. Building lean muscle tissue in the body helps your body metabolize and burn fat more efficiently at rest. Your body is constantly working when we put our muscles under stress and take the time to recover from that stress, so increasing muscle is the gift that keeps on giving.

Metabolic Style Training 

Metabolic training is a high-intensity resistance training style. The idea of metabolic training is to maximize your calorie burn both during AND after your workout. Metabolic training increases your body’s ability to adequately utilize and create ATP in an efficient manner. Increased ATP = revved up metabolism! To be sure you’re burning long after you leave the gym, you really have to give maximum effort during your sets. This will create an “after-burn” which is where your body is burning calories while at rest.

During the metabolic training, you’ll see higher rep counts and less rest time. This will keep your muscles under tension for a longer period of time. A lot of times you’ll be doing compound movements that work multiple muscle groups at one time. This makes the workout even more efficient. Keeping a slow and controlled tempo is key to getting the most out of each movement.

Finally, this metabolic style training will also increase the ability of your body to utilize carbs as fuel. This is not the time to miss your carb macro targets! Your body is burning so many more calories during and after your workout, carbs are what will keep you feeling energized and ready for the next day. 


Another community-inspired piece of this challenge is that even though we technically still have two splits (weeks 1-4 and weeks 5-8) you will see some of the exercises in each split change every 2 weeks, while still hitting the same major muscle groups in order to progressively overload.

Plus, we added Friday circuits this time around! They’re inspired by the FIT Fam’s love for Fall 2020 programming and we think we’ve taken them up to an even higher level this challenge. 

Weeks 1-2

Day 1 - Lower Body | Hamstrings / Quads / Glutes / Calves

Day 2 - Upper Body + Core | Delts / Chest / Triceps / Core

Day 3 - Upper Body | Back / Biceps

Day 4 - Lower Body + Core | Hamstrings / Quads / Glutes / Calves

Day 5 - Full Body Circuit + Core | Delts / Glutes / Quads / Calves / Biceps / Core

Weeks 3-4

Same split as weeks 1-2, but you’ll notice new movements!  

Weeks 5-6 

Day 1 - Lower Body + Core | Hamstring / Glutes / Calves / Core

Day 2 - Upper Body | Chest / Shoulders / Triceps

Day 3 - Upper Body + Core | Back / Biceps / Core

Day 4 - Lower Body | Quads / Glutes / Calves

Day 5 - Upper Body Circuit + Core | Delts / Back / Biceps / Triceps / Core

Weeks 7-8

Same split as weeks 5-6, but you’ll notice new movements! 


Whether you are coached or uncoached, during a challenge it’s really important that you stay on top of macro tracking! You’ll start the challenge by updating your macro goals in the app and we’ve made it easier than ever to track how close you are to your daily targets with our completely new Check-In Experience. Remember to choose moderate or active as your activity level when you’re doing a challenge!

We want you to be within +/- 10g of your carbs and protein, and +/- 5g of your fats. It’s imperative to your performance and recovery that you hit your goals.

CARBS are your body’s main source of energy, so there is nothing to be scared of when consuming them! Foods like whole grains, fruits, and veggies fall under this category.

PROTEINS help your body repair tissues while also aiding in digestion, energy production, and muscle contraction! These food sources are a main reason why your muscles repair and grow. Foods like tofu, meats, and dairy fall under this category.

FATS are essential to your body to support cell function, help regulate hormones, and also help your body absorb certain vitamins! You want to focus on reducing saturated fats and incorporating more unsaturated fats like seeds, nuts, and oils.

Food is not the enemy, we promise. You’ll learn all about this from your coach, and from our handbook during this challenge. This challenge should heal and strengthen your relationship with food, calories, and your body. That’s the entire point!


Whether you’re a newbie looking to start your fitness journey or a veteran gym-goer trying to overcome a plateau, for just $25/week, you can get an FBK Coach who believes in you and your goals. 

Whether you are looking to lose 10 lbs or build 10 lbs of muscle, an FBK coach will provide you with the support you need to crush your goals and take them to the next level. All of our coaches can be your certified personal cheerleader in & outside of the gym! Here’s just a portion of what you’ll get from a FIT by Katy Coach: 

  • An accountability partner who knows you, inside and out 
  • Personalized macro + cardio adjustments 
  • Objective third party to show you how you’re succeeding when you don’t feel like you are 
  • Someone to give you tough love (only when you need it of course)
  • A certified authority who helps with questions from you on things like form, nutrition, digestion, sleep, and more!

Check out the full #FBKLevelUp Coach Roster here, and see who is the best fit for you! 


We are excited to announce our partnership with MacrosFirst. MacrosFirst takes all the work out of calculating your macros so you can stay on track easily. All FBK meals from our meal guide will be preloaded into the MacrosFirst app and you will be receiving premium macro educational content from our new friends. 

Plus, if you join #FBKLevelUp, you will receive 50% off the MacrosFirst premium subscription. The exclusive code will be emailed to you with your meal guide and handbook immediately after purchase.


Did you know our very own FBK Coach, Tonilynn, is a registered dietitian? Coach Tonilynn is bringing us the very best (and most delicious) macro-friendly meals. You’ll find 30 meals that are protein-dense and easy to make. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Here’s what you can expect to find in the extensive meal guide: 

  • FBK ‘hacks’ to help you stay on track for the full 8 weeks
  • Grocery lists and weekly plans
  • Macronutrient education 
  • Meal prepping tips and tricks 
  • Nutrient-dense, delicious recipes
  • Best of all, the recipes in the meal guide will be preloaded into the MacrosFirst app for easy tracking!

We're thrilled to offer a FREE meal guide on top of everything else to help you level up your nutrition game. You’re going to love it! 


Challenge yourself and your BFF with our new friend referral program. Refer-a-friend and both of you will receive a $20 refund once the challenge has started. You’ll be able to hold each other accountable and have fun on your own personal wellness journey—and look back at how awesome you’re doing together. Look for more information in your email when you sign up! 


Download the FIT by Katy app and enroll in the #FBKLevelUp Challenge with us (and thousands of your besties!) Let’s go!