How to Take Your Cardio Outdoors

How to Take Your Cardio Outdoors

Nothing gets us more energized than taking our cardio outside, especially on a beautiful Spring day. To help you shake up your cardio routine, our coaches are sharing their favorite ways to get moving outside of your gym or home setup. 

Coach Bianca loves to mix up her outdoor workouts and says “you can jump rope, walk, hike, try some EMOMS (Every Minute On The Minute), or HIIT! Little to no equipment is necessary to get active outdoors!” She also suggests looking up cardio videos on YouTube and taking it outside. Bonus points if you bring a friend!

You may live in a city where Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet and it’s still a little chilly out. Or maybe you’re just not an outdoor kind of gal. That’s ok! Coach Lauren is on the same page. “Personally, I am the type of person that loves weight training and being in the gym. So typically I do not work out outdoors. However, I definitely can see benefits to my overall mood and energy levels when I spend time outdoors getting some fresh air and vitamin D. Since I don’t workout outdoors, I will still spend time outside whether that’s just relaxing or going for a walk.”

When running gets old, Coach Lauren suggests mixing it up with intervals (run a minute/walk a minute), kicking a soccer ball around with friends, or even just walking with intention. She says, “anything you can do to get your heart pumping is going to be beneficial!”

We know trying to plan a workout outside can seem a little overwhelming, but don’t overthink it too much! Just moving your body and doing something you enjoy will get you a cardio workout without you even realizing it. Coach Jeralyn says “My fiance is also very active so we enjoy playing basketball, throwing around a football, or tossing the frisbee to enjoy being outside and staying active.” When opting for a more regimented form of cardio, she suggests getting outside with EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute) or HIIT-style training. “I like to incorporate a jump rope or resistance bands with squat jumps to get the heart rate up.”

With temperatures rising, we can’t wait to get outdoors together, and we want to see how you take your cardio outside! Share your outdoor sweat selfies with us on Instagram.