Get to Know #FBKFreshStart

Get to Know #FBKFreshStart

FIT by Katy challenges are programmed to give you everything you need so you’re set up for success while working towards your goals and creating the balanced lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of. We’ve helped thousands of women experience some pretty drastic transformations over the years, and now we’re ready to help you with yours. Keep reading for our best recommendations on tackling a FBK challenge. 


Let’s start by detailing what you’re up against with this challenge. #FBKFreshStart is a mix of metabolic training with a focus on AMPK work during the final weeks. You’ve heard us talk about metabolic training before, but AMPK is a brand new training focus for FBK challenges!

AMPK-activated protein kinase is an enzyme found inside every cell that acts as a sensor for cellular energy and stimulates various processes to regulate energy balance. It is activated when you carry out endurance training, which breaks down substrates like stored fat and glycogen, and influences the composition of your body fat. Abdominal fat is reduced when AMPK is boosted.

AMPK regulates SO many things in our bodies. This may not always result in a large change on the scale for some people but it will result in visual body composition change that you can see, which means paying especially close attention to your progress photos and celebrating those NSV's, too.

Weekly Workouts

Every Sunday at 12:01a EST the workouts for the coming week will go live in the app! Make sure that you are focusing on your form and reading the descriptions for each movement if you haven’t done it before. You should be tracking your sets, reps, and weights in order to track your progress over time. 


It is always important to ensure you’re fueling your body, especially when you are completing intensive strength training. As a tip: eating less macros than you’re prescribed is not the right move with this program. You’re going to want to hit your macros as closely as you possibly can to ensure you have the energy and stamina to continue the challenge for all 8 weeks. 

Plan ahead! Make sure you’re logging your meals a day or so in advance so there’s no doubt that you’ll hit your plan appropriately. Review the #FBKFreshStart challenge handbook to make sure you’re up to date on the best way to move through nutrition planning in this challenge. 


Tracking your journey is key to success. As a reminder, you can check in every day, at any time in the FBK app. If you’re doing a coached challenge, your coach will still respond to your check-ins once a week on your designated Coach Response Day, but all #FBKFitFam members can now use the app as their own fitness journal.

This is just another tool you can use to measure consistency throughout your journey. We’ve always said that consistency is key for success, so now we’re giving you this feature so you can really reflect on the lifestyle changes you’ve made and realize how far you’ve truly come!

The raised middle button in the bottom navigation is where you can check in every day. You will also be able to see your previous check-in here, once you start your log. Interested in seeing all of your previous check-ins, not just the most recent one? Head to the Progress Screen in the bottom navigation for more.

Week 1 Photos

Don’t forget to submit your week 1 photos in the app to be eligible for our prizes! All you have to do is have a sign that says #FBKFreshStart and Week 1 or the date on it! You’ll submit your photos through the check-in process in the app. You have until the end of week 1 (Saturday, March 12th) to complete this. Tip: If you take photos through the app, they do not save to your phone. If you will want them later, we recommend taking them on your phone first, then uploading them through your check-in.


One of the reasons FBK is so powerful is because of our community, so we’re excited to bring our challenge participants a much more enjoyable experience in the private forum. We also have our normal Facebook Group as usual and you can find that here. We encourage you to engage with the FBK community as much as possible throughout the challenge as they will be your consistent support system and cheerleaders from Day 1.