Get Ready for #FBKSummerSessions

Get Ready for #FBKSummerSessions

It’s summertime which means it’s a brand new season and a chance to crush your goals, FBK-style, of course. Grab your SPF and sunnies, because this challenge is going to be a hot one. Welcome to #FBKSummerSessions, we can’t wait to get started! 


It's time to get in the zone because this challenge is ready to bring you some HEAT. Welcome back to another one of our favs, Neuro-Based Strength Training. With this challenge specifically, be prepared to be intentional and focused when doing your workouts to make sure you’re making the most of this program. 

This style of training forces your muscles to work harder and optimizes strength, endurance, and lean muscle to help you hit those PRs. This is especially true because there are less reps per set, meaning that you’ll be able to lift heavier. This is a great way to lose fat because this training style actually allows you to burn tons of calories even during rest. We also love neuro-based strength training because it loves us back! Neuro-based strength training also has the ability to make a positive impact on stress and anxiety, can improve memory, creativity, and can boost cognitive function, alog with your muscle memory. 

In #FBKSummerSessions, you can expect shorter sets, longer rest times, and more time under tension. Be sure to lift heavy, go slow, and do each movement with intention. If you do, you’re going to feel this one and you’re definitely going to have some impressive body composition changes, as well! This means that you may not see a drastic change on the scale, but you will see visual changes in the way you look and how you feel. You may even see the scale go up (don’t panic) since you’re gaining muscle and defining your physique. Say it with us, “fat loss doesn’t always equal weight loss”. Some challengers have seen a complete transformation without seeing the scale change much at all. Hit your macros, drink your water, get your workouts in, do your cardio, be consistent, and trust the process.


Here’s a breakdown of the split for #FBKSummerSessions:

Day 1: Lower Body | Hamstrings/Glutes/Calves

Day 2: Upper Body + Core | Back/Biceps/Core

Day 3: Lower Body + Core | Quads/Glutes/Core

Day 4: Upper Body | Delts/Triceps/Chest

Day 5: Lower Body + Core | Hamstrings/Glutes/Quads/Calves/Core

For this challenge, we are optimizing true strength training and working with the same split throughout the whole challenge. But don’t sweat! (Well, do - but not like that.) While the split will remain the same, we'll be changing up the exercises that are working that target area every few weeks. This method, combined with progressive overload, ensures that we’re hitting those target areas consistently and hard, while you get the mental break of a fresh workout every few weeks. Remember, if it feels easy or repetitive, you aren't challenging yourself enough. Up your weight the next week!

You’ll be doing the same exercises for Weeks 1 and 2, and then we’ll shake it up in Week 3 and then again in Week 6. The repetition here is key to progressive overload, so stay focused and push yourself. Even though you did that exercise the week before, it should never feel “easy” because you should be lifting heavy and challenging yourself each time. It may not be glamorous, but this method works. By the end of your set, you should feel ready (and like you need) to take the rest time prescribed before moving onto your next set. If you don’t feel that way, try lifting heavier in your next set.


Every Sunday at 12:01 A.M. EST the workouts for the coming week will go live on the FBK app! If you spot a movement that is new to you, be sure to focus on form and carefully read the description on each move before you try it during your workout.

Lastly, you should be tracking your sets, reps, and weights in order to track your progress over time. Utilizing the weight and rep tracking feature in your FBK app will make sure you’re accounting for what you lifted the previous week and will allow you to up your weights–a key to progressive overload! Regardless of if you have a coach or not, make sure that you’re being honest and informative in your check-ins. This will give you the opportunity to reflect on your previous weeks and have a fair understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t. Same goes with a coach, if you give your coach a fair and honest evaluation of your week and what you’ve done she’ll be able to give you the feedback you’re looking for!


You want to fall within 3-5g of all of your macros each day. Especially if you’re new to our challenges, you may be concerned by the amount of food we’re asking you to eat. Low calorie goals that you maybe used to abide by don’t work alongside FBK training programs, and 1200 calories will not give you what you need, you will find yourself tired and more sore from your workouts! 

We'll be releasing more tips throughout the challenge, but to start, make sure you have a food scale. Our biggest tip is to stay consistent in how you measure, which means choosing either ounces or grams, and if you're going to weigh your food raw vs cooked. Choose your methods and stick to them. This will ensure you're always comparing apples to apples!

We’re so excited to see the progress that you’re going to make in these next 8 weeks. Plus, the FIT Fam will be rooting you on the whole time, whether you need a friend, an extra push, or someone to hold you accountable, they’ve got you covered. With that being said, we think you’re ready to knock #FBKSummerSessions out of the park!