First Moments of Growth from the FBK Coaches

First Moments of Growth from the FBK Coaches

Can you believe we’ve made it to Week 4 of the #FBKLetsGrow challenge? You’re halfway to the finish line, which may have you wondering “when will I start to see change?”

Change is different for everyone. Some of you may already be seeing your muscles grow. Others may be seeing the relationship you have with your body and food flourish. This challenge is all about growing mentally AND physically, so we asked the coaches to share when they start to notice change and how they keep the momentum going.


The #FBKLetsGrow challenge is about building strength, which can sometimes lead to the scale moving up instead of down. We’ll let you in on a little secret: that number doesn’t matter.

Coach Olya shared her insight with us saying, “I realized that the number on the scale doesn't deserve to make me feel a certain way.  I embraced what I had embarked on doing and that was building a stronger version of myself.” 

Snaps to that! 

Food is fuel for us, and Coach Olya stresses the importance of not getting in your head when you have a cheat meal. “ONE meal, ONE day will not ruin my progress and me wanting to reach my goals”, she said.  “Food and going out to eat is how people bond. Moderation and consistency are key!” 


Coach Kelsea is all about keeping it simple. “Truthfully, I feel like I really started making changes when I stopped trying to do too much,” she explained. “Like doing multiple workouts per day, eating less, giving up random food that is seen as "bad", etc. Instead, I  focused on keeping it as simple as possible.”

This challenge is about letting go of your fears which can mean getting out of your head and just going for it. “I think that #FBKLetsGrow is such an important movement.” Coach Kelsea says, “Oftentimes women hold back from getting stronger out of fear of "bulking" up, but muscle is beautiful. Lifting heavy weights and no longer being afraid of the gym is beautiful. So sure, we are focused on building that muscle, but I think that the mental growth that you experience along the way goes a whole lot further.”


Confidence is key when it comes to seeing change. Coach Bianca is all about doing it for you and nobody else. “I noticed I made significant changes in the gym when I wasn’t worried about who was watching me or if I looked silly during a lift.”

You’re not alone, we all need that extra push sometimes. “There were days that I had to give myself a pep talk just to get myself in the door,” she said, “but those talks were gone before I knew it and it became second nature to get it done regardless of what was going on. You are the only person who can make your goals happen. Understanding that no one can do it for you and all the hard work you are doing is going to pay off kept me going. Each time you hit a small goal or milestone celebrate yourself and all that you are accomplishing for YOU!”

This journey we’re on together is going to challenge you in ways you never thought possible, but we know that you can come out on the other side stronger than ever before! We want to know what changes you’ve seen at the halfway point. Tag #FBKLetsGrow on Instagram and post your changes in the Facebook group. We can’t wait to see how far you’ve come!