FBK x MacrosFirst = A Dream Duo

FBK x MacrosFirst = A Dream Duo

FIT by Katy has officially partnered with MacrosFirst to bring our challengers, and FIT Fam, an even better experience.

Not only will we have more robust macro education, tutorials about the MacrosFirst platform, and their team incorporated into our community, but we also have pre-loaded the FBK recipes into the MacrosFirst database which makes it easier than ever to log macro-friendly meals quickly!

Plus: an exclusive discount for you – details below. 

Why MacrosFirst?

After trying dozens of apps over the years our coaches found MacrosFirst to be the easiest, and best way to track your macros throughout the day. MacrosFirst is simple to use and powerful in what it offers. One of our favorite features is the ability to auto-calculate a food’s serving size based upon your macro goal for that food. 

Remember how hitting your protein goal should be your first priority when you’re macro tracking? Well, MacrosFirst makes that easy, just choose your food, set a protein goal for the food, and MacrosFirst will auto-calculate the required serving size to hit. No more macro math! It’s the little features like these in MacrosFirst that eliminates the friction typically associated with macro tracking which is why we recommend them to all of our clients.

Here are just a few of the numerous features in MacrosFirst that we’ve grown to love: 

Daily Macro Tracking

Track your daily intake against custom goals in as many custom meals as you like with macro breakdowns by day, meal, and food.

Start with the Macros

Specify your protein, carb, or fat goal per food and MacrosFirst will calculate each food’s required serving in order to achieve your meal’s goals.

Measure Foods your Way

Almond butter in tablespoons, rice in grams, eggs in… well, eggs; You choose the metric of measurement that’s most convenient for you per food.

Save your Meals

Save your favorite meals for reuse and organize them in folders for easy access whether you’re in the kitchen or on the go.

Massive Food Database

Search from millions of foods by name or barcode scan.

Custom Food Macros

Create custom foods or edit the macros in any of the foods from our database to match the rules of your diet.

What’s in it for you?

Plenty! Not only does MacrosFirst offer an incredible free subscription (that INCLUDES a barcode scanner btw!) but they also have given us an exclusive code for 50% off annual premium subscriptions, for our FIT Fam only! 

Want 50% off the annual premium subscription? Simply enroll in the #FBKLevelUp Challenge and you’ll be sent the code immediately after purchase. It will take your challenge experience to the next level! 

When you’re ready, make sure to enter the code before you checkout. If you are on mobile, there should be a dropdown called “Detail” in the top right corner which is where you’ll find the ability to enter a discount code. 

Wondering how to get started? 

Start by downloading the Macros First app, and the FIT by Katy app. Then, the options are endless. Here’s one path that will help you reach your goals fastest. 

  1. Use the FBK Macro Calculator to find your macronutrient targets 
  2. Use the Macros First app to track your daily adherence to your new targets 
  3. Use the FBK app to join a strength training challenge, or program, that will lead to the fastest results possible 
  4. Stay consistent and stick to the plan

Remember, progress is better than perfection. If you stay consistent with your macro and strength-training plan you will see the results you’re looking for.

Questions about any of this? Please email us at support@fitbykaty.com