TLDR: Complete check-ins during the week to ensure your coach has all the information she needs before your assigned Coach Response Day.

Now in the app you can check in any day, any time, in or out of a challenge, coached or uncoached. Feel free to start using this check in functionality as your fitness journal. Some days you’ll have longer check-ins where maybe you go into detail about your digestion, stress, sleep, etc. and other days you’ll just want to remember what you did for cardio that day or that you had a question about something!

NOTE: Are you in both Mind Over Matter and signed up for Fresh Start? First off, YAY! So happy you're doing our first back to back challenge. Second, your first check in for Fresh Start will take place during the first week of Fresh Start (not before!) Meaning, the earliest you can check in for Fresh Start will be Sunday March 6th. You can submit your Week 1 photos and check in for Fresh Start any time that first week (3/6-12).

We made this change because it was the number one piece of feedback we got from our challenge participants: we want to check in more than once per week! Well, now you can.

Wondering how you should use check-ins?

Use as your own personal fitness journal throughout the week. This is a space where you can look back historically at your progress over time:

  • Weight fluctuations (and adding notes to know why)
  • Cardio adjustments
  • Macro adherence
  • Transformation over time in your pictures
  • How your cycle impacts your workouts
  • What days / weeks are really great for you, or the days / weeks you need to be more consistent with (weekends anyone?!)
  • Keep yourself motivated by writing down the reason why you’re working out in your notes, or writing down Non-Scale Victories you can come back to when you’re feeling discouraged.
Since you opted for a coach, at the beginning of each challenge you’ll receive a Coach Response Day. This is when your coach will respond to all of the check-ins you’ve completed in the previous week of the challenge.

So, is your response day Sunday? Great! Pick 2-3 days per week that are best for you to provide check-ins and your coach will review it all on Sundays.

Your response day is Wednesday? Cool! Pick 2-3 days per week that are best for you to provide check-ins and your coach will review all of them on Wednesdays.

Just remember to get them any information they may need before the Coach Response Day and you’ll be good to go!

In general, our recommendation is to check in a couple of times per week (1-3) on the days that work best for you.

These do NOT have to be long, intense check-ins. There will probably be one where you go into detail, add your photos for the week, etc. but the other couple of check-ins can be casual: How’s your digestion today? Did you have an intense cardio session one day? Want to make a note about a question you had on an exercise during the week? This is the place to do that!

One of our FBK team members went through check ins for a sample week in order to show a good example of how this could work for you. Her Coach Response Day is Sunday.


Note how she didn’t bother putting in photos, or tracking her morning weight – she wanted to track where she was in the week, and how her cardio was going.










Note here how she did add photos, even though they weren’t perfect, and added her weight in. This is a good example of really more checking in with herself, than with her coach. She uses the cardio section to hold herself accountable to coming back with another check in when she actually does what she says she’s going to do.


Even though her Coach Response Day is on Sunday, she knows she has a busy weekend ahead and wants to knock out her Check-In to her coach on Friday instead - easy! This is an obviously longer check in than the previous two and she takes time to make sure her coach is well informed, and ready to provide the best response possible.




















Remember, the whole point of the new check in functionality is to make it work for YOU.

Which days work best for you to journal about your health and wellness? Which days work best for you to add photos in the morning? Which days do you remember to get on the scale first thing to start your day? Miss a day? No problem - check in tomorrow :)

As always, we’re here to help in any way possible - please let us know any questions you still have about the check in process by emailing us at