B That Girl: Coach B’s 4-Week Summer Challenge

B That Girl: Coach B’s 4-Week Summer Challenge

Who is THAT girl? Spoiler alert: it's YOU!

We partnered with long-time FBK Coach B to design this 4-week challenge that will ignite your confidence and inner strength faster than ever. This hypertrophy-based program features brand-new exercises, a movement-based training split with 5 full-body days, finishers, circuits, and a metabolic core day in the middle of each week.

The #FBKBThatGirl Challenge is on sale Sunday, May 7th through Saturday, May 20th. We’ll start Sunday, May 21st! You can enroll by downloading the FIT by Katy app and clicking “Join the Challenge” on the Today Screen.

Get ready to become THAT GIRL with the #FBKBThatGirl challenge!

This program aims to boost your confidence and strength, both inside and outside the weight room. With brand-new exercises and a focus on hypertrophy training, this challenge will help you take up space, be seen, and prioritize yourself. That girl is confident. That girl is strong. That girl is resilient—and she’s ready for her summer glow. Let's dive into the details!


Our lowest price point ever for a challenge

  • $50 for uncoached and $100 for coached 
  • This is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into a FIT by Katy challenge

4-weeks of professionally programmed strength sessions

  • 5 days per week ready to go for you, including warm ups
  • 3 days of 20 minute cardio sessions
  • Both a home and a gym version for the price of one

Video + description accompanies every single movement

  • Track your weight and reps for every movement to see progress over time
  • Automatically logs your session in your check in when marked complete 
  • Optional 1:1 virtual coaching with certified trainers and nutritionists
  • Even if you don’t get a coach, you can still use the check-in functionality in the app to hold yourself accountable

Coach B’s guide to summer nutrition and exclusive handbook

  • FIT by Katy ‘hacks’ to help keep you on track
  • Coach B’s favorite simple recipes 
  • Macro education
  • Grocery lists and meal prepping tips
  • 100+ paged handbook jam-packed with everything you need to succeed
  • Details about cardio, training styles, splits, tips and tricks from challenge winners, rest and recovery advice, and more

Access to the FIT Fam community group

  • The secret sauce: these women will be an incredible resource for you (and this time our coaches, Macros First and FBK teams are in there too!)

Weekly Summer Workouts

We know you’re busy. That’s why Coach B designed this program to get the most out of 4 weeks with 5 full body days! There are six total movement patterns, and we’ll be hitting all of them strategically to ensure each main compound is hit 2x/week, while allowing for proper recovery in between.

You will view your weekly workouts in the app under “home” or “gym” version, whichever you pick for that day! You’ll see that the current and previous weeks are available, but the weeks ahead are locked. Each Sunday at 12:01 am EST, you will see the upcoming week unlock and that is when you can view the workouts.

There will be 5 workout sessions each week and a recommended two rest days. Make sure to take those rest days as they are essential to your progress and recovery!

Training Style: Hypertrophy plus Finishers

The #FBKBThatGirl challenge centers around hypertrophy training, which combines strength-building with adding lean muscle and definition to your physique. This approach is particularly beneficial for women, regardless of their health and wellness goals. By incorporating higher rep ranges and shorter rest periods, this program aims to heavily fatigue your muscles while promoting muscle growth, increased calorie burn, and improved fat loss.

To intensify your workouts, each training session includes "finishers" at the end. These quick and challenging burnouts target specific muscle groups, ensuring that you maximize the effectiveness of each session. Additionally, a metabolic core day is incorporated in the middle of each week to allow for recovery of the major muscle groups, enhanced cardiovascular endurance, and focus on functional core training. This addition helps maximize the effectiveness of your workouts and pushes you closer to your goals.

Training Split: Movement Patterns

The #FBKBThatGirl challenge introduces a fresh training split based on movement patterns. The four primary movement patterns emphasized in this challenge are squat, hinge, push, and pull. This training split involves five full-body workout days, providing sufficient rest between sessions that target specific muscle groups.

Here's a breakdown of the training split, both by movement pattern and the muscle groups each day will focus on:

Day 1: Squat / Horizontal Movements

  • Focused on quads, chest, upper back and core
Day 2: Hinge / Vertical Movements
  • Focused on hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, lats and core
Day 3: Locomotion / Full Body + Core
  • Focused on glutes, quads, chest, back and core
Day 4: Squat / Horizontal Movements
  • Focused on quads, chest, upper back and core
Day 5: Hinge / Vertical Movements
  • Focused on hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, lats and core

Progression and Rep Ranges

The challenge is structured to ensure progressive overload and continued improvement. Weeks 1 and 2 focus on higher rep ranges to stimulate hypertrophy and promote muscle cell growth. In weeks 3 and 4, the program introduces slightly higher progressions of movements while maintaining the same movement pattern. This approach allows for ongoing muscle development and strength gains throughout the challenge giving you that ‘toned’ look you’re searching for. 

Fresh Exercises and Additional Benefits

Get ready to try some brand-new exercises never before seen in the app! Front squats, military presses, kettlebell swings, box jumps, and more will keep your workouts fresh and exciting. The challenge also offers advanced set techniques, such as supersets, tri-sets, and circuits, along with a dedicated metabolic core day in the middle of each week. Furthermore, you'll gain access to a custom handbook and the supportive FBK Community.

Exciting Partnerships and Nutrition Guide

The #FBKBThatGirl challenge comes with some fantastic extras. FIT by Katy has partnered with LMNT, a cutting-edge electrolyte drink company. As an exclusive VIP partner, challengers can receive a free sample pack of every LMNT flavor with any purchase. Additionally, Coach B has created a brand-new Simple Summer Nutrition Guide, featuring her favorite meals, snacks, meal prep tips, and even a macro-friendly margarita recipe to support your nutrition goals during the busy summer months.

Whether you are coached or uncoached, during a challenge it’s really important that you stay on top of macro tracking! You’ll start the challenge by updating your macro goals in the app and we’ve made it easier than ever to track how close you are to your daily targets with our completely new Check-In Experience. Remember to choose moderate or active as your activity level when you’re doing a challenge!

CARBS are your body’s main source of energy, so there is nothing to be scared of when consuming them! Foods like whole grains, fruits, and veggies fall under this category.
PROTEINS help your body repair tissues while also aiding in digestion, energy production, and muscle contraction! These food sources are a main reason why your muscles repair and grow. Foods like tofu, meats, and dairy fall under this category.
FATS are essential to your body to support cell function, help regulate hormones, and also help your body absorb certain vitamins! You want to focus on reducing saturated fats and incorporating more unsaturated fats like seeds, nuts, and oils.
Food is not the enemy, we promise. You’ll learn all about this from your coach, and from our handbook during this challenge. This challenge should heal and strengthen your relationship with food, calories, and your body. That’s the entire point!

What Do You Get with a Coach?

Whether you’re a newbie looking to start your fitness journey or a veteran gym-goer trying to overcome a plateau, you can work with a FBK Coach who believes in you and your goals. All of our coaches can be your certified personal cheerleader in & outside of the gym! Here’s just a portion of what you’ll get from a FIT by Katy Coach:

  • An accountability partner who knows you, inside and out 
  • Personalized macro + cardio adjustments 
  • Objective third party to show you how you’re succeeding when you don’t feel like you are 
  • Someone to give you tough love (only when you need it of course)
  • A certified authority who helps with questions from you on things like form, nutrition, digestion, sleep, and more!

Check out the full #FBKBThatGirl Coach Roster here, and see who is the best fit for you!

Challenge Details and Pricing

The #FBKBThatGirl challenge starts on Sunday, May 21, 2023, and offers two participation options. Coached spots are limited, so make sure to secure yours. The Coached option is priced at $100, providing personalized guidance throughout the challenge. Alternatively, the Uncoached option is available for $50–both give you access to the program for life! We do offer Klarna to pay over time. 

Let’s do this!

Are you ready to step into your power, embrace your strength, and prioritize yourself this summer? The #FBKBThatGirl challenge awaits you with its focus on boldness, resilience, and strength. With a unique training split, progressive overload, finishers, exciting partnerships, and a brand-new nutrition guide, this 4-week challenge will empower you to become THAT GIRL you've always aspired to be.

Join the FIT by Katy community and become happier, healthier and stronger with us! Download the app to get started