The Art Of Being Present

The Art Of Being Present
Staying present can take many different forms, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to unwind below. Whether you’re an organization queen, or just prefer to relax and read, try incorporating these methods into your day and see how much more time you have to focus on yourself!


If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through apps, it might be time to unplug! Decreasing screen time can give you hours of your week back and allows for more time to be present.

Pro tip: Add me-time into your schedule along with your other responsibilities and set your phone to DND during this period. It will help you to block that time from other tasks!

“I unplug by turning on some music, setting the phone aside and taking the time to play, give hugs, and love to my 3 animals + husband!” Coach Olya

“I leave my cell phone inside when I do activities like taking walks or being outdoors. Admire the world around you and be present in that moment! Coach Brianna


Rest days are a great time to stay present and active outside of your normal routine. Maximizing your rest days allows your body time to heal itself after regular workouts while still being active! Shoot for a low-intensity activity, like playing an outside sport, taking a yoga class or going for a walk.
“Walking, preferably outside, as getting out into nature helps reset my mind, refresh my soul and helps give me a clear space to think and to reflect from.” Coach Katie

“Hiking is a big one! One of my best friends and I go at least 2 weekends a month to find a new local hike and then look for a new family owned coffee shop in that area.” Coach Olya


Quality time may be spent with family, a significant other, or through some much needed alone time. This time strengthens the foundation of these relationships by giving them your undivided attention. When you prioritize quality time spent with your loved ones or yourself, you'll have no excuse but to make it happen!
“I enjoy taking a 10 minute walk to enjoy the sunshine, admire the pretty snow, smell the rain, or look at the star formations if it's dark. I find peace in being outdoors no matter what the weather or the time of day looks like.” Coach Brianna

“Reading. Self-help, personal development, and leadership books are my jam! I try to commit to at least 10-20 pages a day and set that time aside for me to help unwind at the end of a busy day.” Coach Katie 


Sometimes you should do things just for the enjoyment of it. Treating yourself doesn’t have to bring guilt. It’s completely necessary to the balance of life — So go get that mani/pedi. Plan that vacation. Eat that midnight snack!

“Being born in Ukraine, tea and dessert are a huge part of my family tradition and I grew up on my grandma's amazing dessert. It’s a tradition I never want to let go. I enjoy chocolate or a dessert almost every single day (in moderation). It’s both delicious and keeps my Ukrainian culture alive!” Coach Olya

“I like to take CBD nightly to help me wind down before bed.” Coach Gabby


Whatever being present looks like to you, never miss an opportunity to embrace it. In our fast-paced day-to-day, there is no shortage of things that can steal our time and attention—just be sure to stop and appreciate the world around you by doing the things you enjoy the most.