How To Measure Progress Off The Scale

How To Measure Progress Off The Scale

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: don’t sweat the scale! #FBKLetsGrow is more than just a fitness challenge. We’re here to help improve your everyday life by pushing you out of your comfort zone with long-term lifestyle changes. 

As we move into week 6, it’s time to celebrate those non-scale victories! Even if the number on the scale hasn’t budged (or maybe went the wrong way) there’s still plenty of ways to see progress. So how do you measure NSV's?


One of the best ways to determine progress is by noticing how your clothes fit. Do you have a pair of jeans that finally fit again? That’s a major win! Maybe you’re feeling more confident in showing a little shoulder or leg on date night. When you’re feelin’ yourself that confidence radiates out of you and there’s nothing more beautiful than that!


A welcomed NSV for many of us is improved sleep!  When you’re good to your body by fueling it with healthy food, tons of water, and movement, you tend to sleep like a baby!  Exercise reduces anxiety levels helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Research shows that the better you sleep, the better your workout will be the following day. Now that’s a win we can all get behind!


The camera doesn’t lie and neither do progress photos! We’re all guilty of checking for abs after a workout, but when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror every day, it can be hard to notice the changes that are happening. Taking progress photos throughout the 8 weeks will show you exactly what has changed and you’ll be shocked at what you’ve achieved!


Tina S.


Tina S. put this to test in the official #FBKLetsGrow Facebook Group. “So I started this challenge so I could gain some confidence to finally try on wedding dresses, my son is 11 months old and I gained some baby weight. Throughout this challenge I’ve felt super discouraged due to the fact that I have not seen any changes on the scale. I started at 185 and as of today’s check in I am still 185. Something told me to just compare my photos from my first check in to today’s and holy cow, I am amazed at how far I’ve come despite what I see on the scale.”


Have you noticed you’re not reaching for that 2 pm coffee like you used to? Or you can push a little harder on your run than you did last week? A major NSV during the #FBKLetsGrow challenge is more energy, and boy do we love that. With exercise comes endorphins, which increase over time as we keep up regular exercise. Get ready to keep up with the kiddos without another iced coffee!

We want to see how you’ve made progress beyond the scale! Tag us in your progress pics so we can cheer you on by tagging #FBKLetsGrow. Let’s celebrate those non-scale victories together!er!