Whether this is your first FIT by Katy challenge, or your fifth, there’s a certain level of preparation that occurs before Day 1. What’s your workout attire looking like? What time do you plan on working out each day? How will you ensure you’re getting the most out of this challenge? 

While 8 weeks may not seem like much time at all, it’s definitely possible to achieve significant progress in this timeframe if you come prepared. Don’t sweat it, because we’re here to help!


If this is your first time joining a challenge or even your first time training at a gym, consider starting small. Creating small, obtainable goals will help you achieve bigger goals over time. If this isn’t your first challenge, you might be ready to set a more specific goal like crushing a new PR. Whatever your goal is, the first step to getting the most out of this challenge is to identify it. 

The easiest way to identify your goals is to ask yourself what you hope to accomplish by the end of these next 8 weeks. If your answer is to lose weight, start by determining your weight loss goal. The key is to set realistic expectations for yourself. Losing 5-10 pounds at the end of 8 weeks is going to be a lot more realistic than losing 50. Breaking up your long term goals into a series of attainable short term goals will not only help you make progress, but it will also improve your mindset so you can continue working toward that bigger goal of losing 50 pounds. 

Try setting a series of S.M.A.R.T goals to help you reach a major long-term goal, and utilize the Weight and Rep Tracking feature right within the app to help you monitor your progress each week! 


Planning for this challenge will help set yourself up for success. The easiest first step is to  determine when you can workout and check in each week. If you know you have an appointment, an obligation, or already know the limitations of your day-to-day schedule, start planning around it. If you’re in the office Monday thru Friday, consider whether AM or PM workouts are going to best fit your schedule. If you're at home with the kids most days, chances are you have a good idea of when nap time is. If you find your schedule to be completely sporadic and unpredictable, consider taking it one week at a time. Plan your workouts, check-ins and meal prep the same way you would plan an important meeting or event. If you wouldn’t bail on those things, you shouldn’t bail on your goals and the plans you’ve made to accomplish them.

This same methodology applies to cheat meals and holidays. If you begin to plan ahead, those Summer BBQ’s won’t sneak up on you and you can either come prepared with macro-friendly snacks or use it as your treat meal!


Are you a mirror lifter? Or ever wondered why people stare at themselves while they’re working out? It’s not because they’re checking themselves out (ok, it might be a little) but it’s because they’re focusing on their form. It’s not about how much weight you can lift, it’s about how you lift. Here at FBK, we leave our egos at the door and prioritize good form from the jump. Getting into bad habits surrounding your form and technique will not only hinder your progress but can potentially lead to serious injuries. Make sure you’re following the videos provided with each workout to nail your form. If you aren’t properly engaging your muscles during a workout, it’s less likely you will get the results you want. 

You might have heard of the term mind-muscle connection before. The mind-muscle connection  is the idea that the more you consciously feel your muscles engaged through a full range of motion, the more efficiently your muscles will grow. If you’re stuck on autopilot during your workouts, consider practicing mindfulness to fully activate your muscles. You should be able to feel a clear difference between a rushed bicep curl and a mindful one.



You may be taking on this challenge alone but the truth is, you’re never really alone with FIT by Katy. In addition to the FIT Fam, the Challenge Handbook is one of the most valuable resources you can refer to during the challenge. These handbooks are updated regularly to help answer your questions surrounding nutrition, cardio and cheat meals.



Speaking of the FIT Fam, don’t forget to join the official Challenge Facebook Group! This group is specific and exclusive to the challenge you’re in right now. This is your chance to meet thousands of people just like you who are taking on #FBKCelebr8 and working towards a health and wellness related goal. Have a question you’re too embarrassed to Google? Take it to the Facebook group! Did you get a major pump during your workout today and feel like posting a shameless workout selfie? Take it to the Facebook group! Are you looking for accountability buddies in your area to meet up with and workout with? Take it to the Facebook group! We can’t wait to meet you!


Make sure you add to your address book so you never miss an update from FIT by Katy. Securing your spot in this challenge also ensures you’ll receive exclusive access to challenge content each week. Whether that’s a birthday cake protein shake recipe or vacation meal hacks, you’ll be well equipped to tackle this challenge with confidence.


At the end of the day, you took the first step towards reaching your goals when you signed up for this challenge, and that’s definitely something to be proud of! Regardless of what happens next, use these 8 weeks to find every reason to celebrate yourself.

Mental preparation is half the battle when it comes to fitness so find things that make it easier for you to stay on track. Go out and buy a new workout outfit, start a meal prep board on Pinterest, or get yourself a new water bottle to ensure you’re getting your gallon in every day. Then have an honest conversation with yourself. Understand that you may miss a workout here or there, eat a snack outside your macros or forget to set a plan, but as long as you always pick back up where you left off and stay consistent, you WILL see and feel progress.

This challenge is all about balance and celebrating every win, no matter how big or small, so grab your Challenge Handbook, get some friends to join the #FBKFitFam, and prepare to rock your first day back!