#FBKGetSchooled Maintenance Plan

#FBKGetSchooled Maintenance Plan

Class is almost out for our #FBKGetSchooled challenge and we know that a lot of you are already looking forward to the next one. After 8 weeks of intense workouts, your body may need a little break for you to prepare to do it all over again. We’ve created a maintenance guide to help you stay on track and break out of a workout plateau before the next challenge! 


The idea of maintenance is to take your training down a notch prior to your next challenge or big training season. During a maintenance phase aim to lift about 40-60% of your regular weight and try cutting down on the rep count. Mix your workouts up with lower intensity circuits, try some yoga, or even just go for a hike outside if the weather in your area allows. 


Maintenance is used to preserve power, strength, and muscle mass for when you amp it up again. Slowing it down can help prevent injuries from overtraining and give your muscles and joints a little break. Sure we all take rest days, but our bodies don’t always get the amount of recovery they need to perform at their best from only squeezing in one rest day per week.

Beyond the physical benefits of taking it easy, the emotional and mental break can do wonders as well. Preparing for a workout and all that goes along with a challenge can be a little stressful.  It’s good to not put so much pressure on yourself during the maintenance phase and slow it down. 


The #FBKGetSchooled challenge is yours to keep forever. Try starting from Week 1 and see how you can level up! Premium members have access to all of our past challenges so  go back and try one that you haven’t done before! Keeping up with a regular workout routine will make starting our Winter challenge that much better. If you’re not a Premium member, no sweat. Upgrading is easy! Manage your subscription in your FIT By Katy app.


Need some inspo for working out on your own? Our workout generator will help keep your routine fresh. Choose a muscle group to focus on and let the generator create a custom workout just for you. We can help you take the guesswork out of hitting the gym or mixing it up at home post-challenge.


The FIT Fam community is here for you! Keep up with your fellow challenge participants in the Facebook group and lean on them to help keep you motivated. You can create a workout meet-up for other members in your area or even swap recipes in the group. We’re all in this together and are here to support each other along the way!


Just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean your water intake should drop. Aim to drink 1 gallon of water per day, which will not only help you get ready for the next challenge but will keep your body feeling great!  You can track your water intake right in the MFP app, how easy is that?


In between challenges is the perfect time to try a different workout style. Step up your cardio and take note of the changes you see in your body. Check out this blog to understand the difference between types of training styles and how you can add them into your routine.

We know that it can be a little nerve-wracking to keep up your routine once the challenge is over, but we’re here to support you-even between challenges! In the meantime, let's ace the final week #FBKGetSchooled Challenge so you’re ready to crush the Winter Challenge!