4 Tips For Meeting Your Water Goal

4 Tips For Meeting Your Water Goal

If you’ve done a coached challenge before, you know that we recommend that you try to get in one gallon (128oz) of water each day. It seems like a lot but after you make a habit of it, you’ll realize it’s much easier than it sounds! I know building this habit can be challenging, so I have a few tips that will have you crushing your water goal in no time! 


Get a head start on your water goal for the day by chugging 16 to 32 ounces of water right after snoozing the alarm. Set yourself up for success by keeping a full bottle of water right by your bed so you can reach for it as soon as you wake up!


Being hydrated is always in season, so it’s time to accessorize with a super cute water bottle. Keeping your water bottle on you at all times is an easy way to keep yourself accountable and meet your water intake goal without having to put out a ton of extra effort. 

Bonus tip: Keep a bottle next to where you keep your keys so you always remember to take it with you when you’re on the go! 


Speaking of on the go, if you’re headed to the gym, your workout is one of the best times to make some serious progress on your water goal for the day! While you’re doing your #FBKFierce challenge workout for the day, you're going to be breaking a sweat and you’ll need to replenish the water you’re losing. I aim to drink at least 32oz of water during my workout


Even if you add some flavoring to your water, it still counts towards your water goal! Low calorie water additives like Mio and Crystal Light keep things interesting when you’re getting a little bored of plain water. Just be sure to track it so you’re still meeting your macros!