Week 4 Mini-Challenge: Coach Gabby's EMOM Routine

Week 4 Mini-Challenge: Coach Gabby's EMOM Routine


Cardio can seem like a daunting task for a lot of people (myself included) because we’ve been conditioned into thinking cardio has to be either extremely difficult or boring. However, there are a NUMBER of different ways to get your body moving that can be both challenging and enjoyable!

Whether it’s going for a walk with your friends/family or with your pet, swimming, biking, hiking, running, taking a dance class (virtually or in person) it’s all about figuring out how YOU like to move your body and get your heart rate going.

Personally, my favorite way to get my cardio in is by doing EMOM workouts. EMOM stands for: Every Minute On the Minute.

An EMOM workout is when each minute of a circuit has a designated exercise and either a specified amount of reps or a time frame. Once you’ve completed the reps or time that has been specified, any time left in that minute is your rest, then it’s on to the next movement! EMOM workouts are my favorite because you can make them upper or lower body focused or full body workouts!


Remember: Cardio doesn’t have to be boring! If it’s time for you to get in some cardio, but you're feeling burnt out on your usual routine, try this full body EMOM workout I created to shake things up a bit!


Minute 1: 15 Sumo Squats + Hammer Curls.
Minute 2: 10 Reverse Lunges + Lateral Raises (5 lunges each leg).
Minute 3: 10 Side Lunges + Front Raises (5 lunges each leg).
Minute 4: 10 Forward Lunges + Bicep Curls (5 lunges each leg).
Minute 5: 10 Curtsy Lunges + Overhead Tricep Extensions (5 lunges each leg).
Minute 6: 10 Romanian Deadlifts + Double Rows.

If you do 5 rounds of this EMOM workout then BOOM you’ll have completed a 30-minute cardio session! And don't forget to share your challenge completion screen on social media when you knock it out!