Can I Drink Alcohol During The Challenge?

Can I Drink Alcohol During The Challenge?
Sweet summertime! This time of year is full of weekend BBQs, pool parties, and vacations. But with those events usually comes alcohol. Just with everything else, moderation is key! You can still stay on top of your goals while enjoying yourself this summer with these simple tweaks. 


Coach Rachel says “during the day that you’re going to be drinking, make sure you prioritize your protein ahead of time.” This will keep you full longer, helping to curb your cravings. Leave some room in your macros for some extra carbs and fats that you’ll have when you enjoy those boozy beverages. Plan ahead and you’ll feel much more in control.


We all know alcohol is full of empty calories, but not all drinks are created equal. There’s nothing like a delicious frozen daiquiri when you’re laying on the beach, but there’s more sugar in those cocktails than you want to know! Opt for clear liquors and mixers that are low in sugar. Tequila or vodka and soda water with lime is a great low-calorie option that won’t make you feel bloated and heavy like a beer would. If you’re more of a wine drinker, avoid sweeter wines or hard seltzers (sugar bomb!) and choose a dry, white wine over a red one. 


Alcohol is incredibly dehydrating. Hello, hangovers! So be sure you’re drinking tons of H2O before, during, and after drinking. For every cocktail you have, drink a glass of water to not only hydrate but prevent from feeling terrible the next day. 


Set a limit for how many drinks you want to consume when you’re out and about and stick with it. You’ll be proud of yourself for hitting a goal and you’ll also stay right on track. #FBKCelebr8 is all about creating a lifestyle change that is sustainable for the long term. A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be about restriction, it should be about reaching your goals while enjoying foods and drinks that you love. Plus, it makes you appreciate them that much more!